Coconut Cholesterol

Coconuts are included in the classification of fruits. They are mainly drupes, which are simply fruits that contain a fibrous shell, which is hard around the seed of the fruit. Some other drupes include mangoes, olives and peaches. Although coconuts are a fruit, you would see that coconuts are quite in fatty substances, primarily saturated fat. Nevertheless, you should remember that just because they contain fat, they are not necessarily good for you.


You should understand the composition of raw coconut, which will help you determine whether they actually contain. One cup of raw coconut tends to contain around 28 g of fat. A tablespoon of coconut oil contains around 13.6 g of fat. Coconut oil and flesh does not contain cholesterol, but the shred contain contains some saturated fat. Cholesterol in coconut is not contained. Therefore, those diets that have high amounts of saturated fat tend to increase the risk for a huge number of heart diseases. Therefore, never exceed the 10 percent of calorie intake for saturated fats, especially if you have a cholesterol problem.

Despite this, remember that the different types of coconut products can actually help decrease cholesterol. These include coconut flakes, which actually help decrease the cholesterol levels in those people who have high cholesterol. Coconut flakes are manufactured through coconut flower, which have both soluble and insoluble fiber, which may actually decrease cholesterol levels.

coconut cholesterol

In India, it has been found out that virgin coconut oil can actually decrease the cholesterol. When people consumed coconut oil, they actually had their cholesterol level lowered. There are of course, certain kinds of good and bad cholesterol level, and coconut oil and other products actually increased the good cholesterol levels. These are known as HDL. Even though virgin oil also has huge number of unsaturated fats, there has been enough evidence to prove that it is not that high in bad cholesterol.

You should also remember that coconut oil actually raises HDL more than it increases LDL, so in a way it actually is able to make your cholesterol ratio better. However, remember that it does depend upon how your doctor has determined your cholesterol ratio, in order to determine the risk for any kind of heart disease. Therefore, while coconut oil is high in cholesterol, it may actually provide you more good than harm.

Furthermore, remember that coconut oil has always been proved to be better than trans fats and butter, so in that regard, this may be a better option for your needs. However, you should also understand that it is not as good as liquid vegetable oils, which actually proves to be much better. However, it has also been found by different doctors than it would prove to be a better alternative than animal fats.

Since it is saturated fats, you need to understand that this should be limited in your diets, so make sure that if you want some extremely healthy benefits to your diet, you should switch to unsaturated fats from saturated fats. You also need to understand that the LDL (bad cholesterol) is also increased through this product, which means that you should always take care of the different products that you consume, especially if you have a risk of coronary heart disease. There is substantial debate over this issue, which has not come up to any agreement.


So, when there is no agreement in the medical field over this, you may be stumped as to what you should do. Do not worry first of all, and go to your doctor. The doctor will be able to tell you the right kind of amount that you should be consuming, if there is a risk of heart disease.

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