Coconut Sugar and its Benefits

Known widely as "coco sugar", as well as "coco sap sugar" and "coconut palm sugar", this type of sweetener has gained much acclaim in the contemporary world. There are many reasons for that, because it has produced health benefits to individuals. Furthermore, it is a natural form of sugar. Coconut sugar is made from the sap of the flower buds of coconut palm trees. The flower buds are cut. This type of sugar has widely been popular in South Asia, as well as South East Asia, since these are the areas where coconut palm is actually abundant in supply. In Indonesia, and Philippines, the coconut supply is abundant.

One thing that you need to remember is the fact that palm sugar is different from this type of sugar. Palm sugar tends to be made from the sap in the stems of sugar date palm, sugar palm, sago palm and the Palmyra palm. Therefore, you need to know the difference.


Many people claim that this type of sugar is quite good in taste, and it tastes like brown sugar, but it has a tint of caramel. It is subtly sweet. However, remember that coconut palm sugar is not highly processed, so the sweetness, flavor and color are different, depending on a variety of different factors. The taste and flavor will depend upon the species of coconut used, the season for its harvesting, and the actual way it was harvested.

Remember that coconut sugar has been classified as a low glycemic index food. People consider it to be healthier than brown sugar, as well as white sugar. In fact, it has been widely used as a sugar substitute in a variety of drinks, including cooking, baking, tea and coffee.


coconut sugar

Many people now use this as a substitute because of the wide variety of benefits that it has. It has a high mineral content, which means that it is rich in magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium. Furthermore, it also contains different vitamins, including B1, B2, B3 and V6. Especially, when compared to brown sugar, it has around four times the magnesium, 10 times the zinc, as well as around 36 times the iron! This means that you are getting numerous health benefits from it! In fact, over all, this sugar is thought to contain around 16 amino acids. Amino acids are extremely vital for your body.

Furthermore, for those people who have diabetes, this type of sugar has been used as a substitute. Many people consider it a health food. It is perhaps the best sugar cane substitute, which means that the disadvantages that sugar cane has are overcome by this kind of sugar. It acts as a mind-booster, because it has inositol, which is a B Vitamin. Additionally, it does not give individuals an energy crash, so you definitely can maintain your energy level.

Furthermore, it has not proved to be as fattening as the other kinds of sugar, which means that those people who are on diet would actually prefer this kind of sugar. Numerous bakeries and food places have started using this kind of sugar, as part of their ingredients.

Additionally, it has been recognized that coconut trees produce around 50-75% more sugar than regular sugar cane fields, which means that technically there is more harvest. Therefore, you are getting more from a lesser amount.


Nevertheless, many people claim that this industry is not sustainable, because once the sap is removed, the palm tree will not produce coconuts. This means that there are only specific trees, which are set aside for this process. Nevertheless, this type of sugar has definitely integrated itself well in the market, and there is a demand for it, because of its health benefits.

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