How to Open a Coconut

Coconut is the richest fruit on earth. It provides juice, milk, and oil to mankind. On many islands coconut is a harvested and lined up on the beach. It is a staple diet of many. In order to eat, drink, or enjoy the coconut in various forms, you will first have to first learn how to open a coconut.

Coconut is a nutritious, fibrous, vitamin, and mineral rich fruit and. It is identified as the "tree of life", since it offers countless health benefits. Coconut oil has healing properties, and it is traditionally used for medicinal purpose and food ingredient, especially among the people of Asia and Pacific regions.

How to Open a Coconut

As you know that the coconut has a hard cover, which you have to open to drink the coconut water. The outer shell is hard and you must know the use of the right tools to crack it properly. The young and baby coconut when it is green in color can be open more easily.

how to open a coconut

How to Open a Coconut without Tools

There are many people who do not bother to use tools to open the coconut. They simply bang the fruit on the ground or on the rocks, and apply crude techniques to break open the fruit. Some men have even mastered the technique of using their bare teeth to open the shell.

As they have practiced these natural ways for years, such methods will not harm them. On regular basis, it is advised not to use such techniques. With a little bit of knowledge you could open the fruit quite easily.

The coconut has 3 layers. Based on where you have bought or found your coconut, it might have a whitish-gray or green color of the exocarp, a smooth outer layer. The external layer called as exocarp will be green in color when the fruit in on the tree.

Normally they are sold at the stores after removing the exocarp, and the coconut, which you buy, will have fibrous middle layer on the outside, called as mesocarp. The hard brown layer surrounding the coconut flesh is the endocarp. The middle layer is white in color. It is the edible part and is called as the endosperm. You can use this part to prepare coconut cream or milk.

Open the Coconut with Tools

- Use a bigger sized knife and apply four chops from the top of the nut to create a lid. Now you can easily insert a straw and drink the water;
- You can then use a knife and a hammer of any size t o bang open the shell and then crack the nut;
- You can also use these tools to peel the fruit;
- Use tools like scissors, peeler, screw driver and a spoon to scoop the coconut meat;
- If the coconut is dry, you can also apply a simple method of poking one of the three eyes on the shell with the help of a knife and then open it with scissors. Finally use a straw to pass through the hole and enjoy the water;
- You can also place the coconut inside the oven at 350 degrees, and crack open it without using any sharp object;
- Now, cut the white meat with the help of the knife and a big spoon;
- You can also grate the coconut meat and use it in making sweets or eat directly;
- Empty the coconut milk in a container.

Now that you have learnt the process of opening the fruit properly, you can use it to prepare different types of shakes, drinks, or cocktails. It will keep you healthy, fresh, and protect the body from dehydrating during the hot summer climate.

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