Supplier Brown Coconut Sugar Export


Supplier Brown Coconut Sugar Export.

Specification Brown Coconut Sugar:

Crystal Sugar Ant Sugar Organic Sugar Brown Sugar Coconut Palm Sugar is suitable for coffee, boba, and other foods.

Made from 100% real coconut sap.

100% organic without chemicals.

Specifications of coconut sugar :

Type : Organic Coconut Sugar.

Shape : Granulated.

Type of Processing : Unrefined.

Color : Light brown.

Moisture : Max 2%.

Icumsa : 45/100/150/600-1200.

Brix (%) : 70%.

Purity (%) : 99%.

Place of Origin : Central Java, Indonesia.

Ingredient : Coconut sap.

Grade : Premium.

Mesh: 16 – 18.

Self Life: 24 Months.

The best sweeteners is Win’s Brown Sugar.



Coconut Sugar or Coconut Brown Sugar is one of the natural sweeteners that has a low calorie made from the main ingredient is neera of coconut tree. This sugar has a very different characteristic compared to normal white sugar, has a distinctive aroma, a long storage life with a moisture content of 2-3%, easily soluble in cold / hot water, practical packaging in a bag and easily combined with other ingredients in the food and beverage processing industry.


Coconut sugar is the result of processing selected coconut tree neera sap and has a distinctive taste so that its use cannot be replaced by other types of sugar. Besides having a function as a natural sweetener, coconut brown sugar also serves to give the impression of a brown color on food and is very beneficial for health.


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